Help Me Attend This Portuguese Writing Workshop

Last month I was named a semi-finalist for nonfiction in the Disquiet International Literary Prize, which brings some of the world’s most talented young writers together in Lisbon, Portugal each year to work with local Portuguese and world-famous writers. Being a semi-finalist gave me a $500 scholarship to attend, but once accounting for airfare, accommodations, and program fees, that still left a considerable gap and I immediately told myself going was out of the question.


My friends encouraged me to start a GoFundMe but for almost a month I didn’t because I thought it was too indulgent. And even after I created one, it took me days to muster up the confidence to post it. So with that in mind, I’ll stop yammering and instead humbly ask you to consider donating even just a few dollars to help me attend this writing workshop this summer. You’ll see the link above. Being able to work with author Denis Johnson would be a dream, and if any of you know me well, you’ll know that’s me downplaying my excitement.

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