Resume Builder

Let’s face it – looking for a job sucks. Not getting called for interviews because your resume isn’t getting noticed? That sucks more. After having worked as a hiring manager for administrative, educational, service and creative positions, I’ve seen a wide range of the resumes submitted today and can steer you away from the common mistakes.

Resume Building will give you:

  • eye-catching design that fits in with industry standards
  • professional, active language that highlights your experiences
  • curated content that tells the story of why you’re the right candidate for this position
  • superfluous information trimmed out, so employers can get right to the heart

Please send past employment information, as well as any resume rough drafts, by email after purchasing. Resume Building cannot begin until this information has been received.

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“Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to help myself and Omega perfect our resumes. We appreciate it!” -Alpha D.